Beeville, Texas

Private Clinic, 2010, Charco Ranch
Owners: Dan and Brenda Hughes
Beesville, Texas
Buck Brannaman
Buck Brannaman
Dining at the saloon
Vern Smith listening to Buck Buck giving help to Brenda Hughes Brenda Hughes, Owner of Charco Ranch
Buck shooting pool
Buck Brannaman
Brenda Hughes shooting pool with Buck
Buck shooting pool Buck at dinner with friends Brenda Hughes on the phone at the Devil Woman Saloon Cindy Meehl with uncle, Dan Hughes
Buck  talking with Andrea Meditch, creative consultant for Buck Brannaman project
Guy Mossman, DP, watching the monitor, with Cindy Meehl, Andrea Meditch, Derrick
Vance Holmes  running the jib camera
Buck bridling Rebel with Jib camera rolling
Guy Mossman, DP filming
Buck roping
Crew filming Buck early morning Crew filming Buck early morning
Cindy Meehl, Director